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Welcome to CAPE

CAPE is a multi-cluster application and data management tool for Kubernetes (k8s)

  • Backup & Restore for k8s applications and data:

    • โœ… Perform on-demand and scheduled backup & restore across multiple k8s clusters.
    • โœ… Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) backups from cloud/on prem storage environments..
    • โœ… Based on Velero, an open source Kubernetes tool for backup & restore.
    • โœ… Perform multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup & restore.
  • Multi-cluster application deployment:

    • โœ… Deploy or manage K8s applications to multiple clusters.
    • โœ… Implement Continuous Deployment (GitOps) based on manifests and Helm charts.
    • โœ… Based on Kubernetes Cluster Federation kubefed, an open source tool for multi-cluster application deployment.

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