Simple Install


In this method you will not be able to test CAPE multi-cluster capabilities, but gives you a easy way to test CAPE in short time. if you want to have a full install of CAPE refer Quick Start

Step 1: Start k3d local instance

Prerequisites: docker and k3d are installed

Enter the following command:

k3d create -n dev -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --wait=0
export KUBECONFIG="$(k3d get-kubeconfig --name='dev')"
kubectl cluster-info

Note: The Kubernetes cluster "dev" has been created locally

Step 2: Install CAPE

By running the following command, I have read and agree to CAPE privacy policy, terms of service and end user license agreement

kubectl apply -f
kubectl set env deploy/web CAPE_ACCEPT_TOS=true -n cape

Step 3: Access CAPE UI

Enter the following command:

kubectl -n cape wait --for=condition=available --timeout=600s deployment/web

Please wait for CAPE deployment to complete and open a new tab with the following URL: